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About Us
The Office of the Auditor General (OAG) is established by Title 12, Chapter 1, Sections 1-10 of the Navajo Nation Code. The office is within the Legislative Branch. The Auditor General is appointed by the Speaker of the Navajo Nation Council and subject to confirmation by the Council.

Mission Statement
The Office of the Auditor General serves the Navajo Nation Council, other elected officials and managers at all levels in providing high quality government services to the Navajo people. The Auditor General and staff provide independent and objective assessments of Navajo Nation programs, enterprises, and political subdivisions (Navajo Nation Chapters). Our work is vital in maintaining the people's trust and confidence that Navajo Nation resources are used efficiently and prudently and that services are provided effectively and honestly.

Vision Statement
The Office of the Auditor General will relentlessly pursue waste, inefficiency and abuse within the Navajo Nation government so that all resources available to the Navajo people are used to enhance the quality of life for all Navajos and their communities.

The Office of the Auditor General follows these principles to guide its work:
  • Perform with unquestionable ethics and integrity.
  • Be objective and independent in our work.
  • Foster an environment that is innovative, flexible and open to change.
  • Perform our duties with perseverance and hard work.
  • Produce high quality work that is accurate, timely and relevant to the needs of the Navajo Nation Council and Executive Branch managers.
  • Employ the highest quality staff who possess outstanding technical and communication skills and a commitment to continuing professional education.
  • Foster accountability and performance within the Navajo Nation government by assisting Navajo Nation employees, elected officials and the public in developing the skills necessary to analyze and evaluate the results of governmental activities.

  • Conduct financial related audits and reviews of Navajo Nation Chapters, entities and contractors to the Navajo Nation.
  • Conduct performance audits and reviews of Navajo Nation government programs, departments and divisions.
  • Provide management advisory services to the Navajo Nation.
  • Assist the Office of the Prosecutor and Ethics and Rules Office in the investigation of possible fraud and/or misappropriation of Navajo Nation assets.
OAG Staff
Auditor General
Helen Brown, CFE
Principal Auditor
Karen Briscoe, CGAP
Principal Auditor
Alfreda Lee, CFE
Senior Auditor
Beverly Tom, MBA, CFE
Senior Auditor
Senior Auditor
Kimberly Jake
Jasmine Jishie
Genalle Benally
Associate Auditor
Marcale Kaskalla
Associate Auditor
Wilson Barney III
Associate Auditor
Wynonna Henry, MBA
Associate Auditor
Associate Auditor
Rosita Yazzie
Administrative Assistant
Diandra Redhouse
Senior Office Specialist


OAG Slideshow
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